The checks in the laboratories of the Criminal Investigations Directorate, of all samples of biological material that had been collected by the special fire brigades, from the site of the fatal train accident outside Tempi, were completed, without changing anything in the black tally of 57 dead.

As it became known from the Police, a total of 107 samples from dead bodies and human parts arrived at the forensic laboratories, from the first moment until yesterday. The investigation identified the 55 dead. One dead person is still missing as no one has been looking for him and there is no reference sample for DNA identification, while a woman is still searching for her daughter who was on the train, but no trace of her has been found.

At the scene of the accident, the fire brigade’s gruesome work is almost over as all the carriages and debris from the horrific collision between the two trains have been removed and a final check for any biological material on the ground remains, which is expected to be completed in the next few hours and is expected to announce the end of the investigations.