The position for an open, safe and quality railway was reiterated to the Minister of State, responsible for infrastructure and transport matters, George Gerapetritis Panhellenic Federation of Railways and Fixed Track Vehicles (POS-MST) during their meeting today.

“According to what the minister said, as stated in a statement by POS-MST, the prevailing opinion appears to be moving in this direction, but the government’s decisions will be made and announced in the next 2-3 days.”

The two sides renewed their appointment, given that “due to force majeure the meeting was only a few minutes long”, for next Friday, March 10“where with the presence of representatives of the railway unions, we will elaborate proposals and solutions to further strengthen the safety barriers of the trains”.

“Because recently the issue has taken the form of a public dialogue in the Mass Media, POS-MST will await the government’s decisions in the hope that they will move in the right direction. Otherwise, a further convergence of our bodies will follow to reassess our further stance” concludes the announcement of the Panhellenic Federation of Railways and Fixed Track Vehicles.