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A case of investment fraud was solved by the Electronic Crime Prosecution Sub-Directorate of Northern Greece

A case of online investment fraud, amounting to 36,364.54 euros, was investigated and resolved by the Electronic Crime Prosecution Sub-Directorate of Northern Greece.

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For the case, the details of a 34-year-old foreigner were identified, against whom a regular procedure file was filed for fraud and embezzlement.

It was preceded by a domestic complaint, according to which unknown perpetrators, posing as company employees, under the pretext of recovering funds, convinced him to install remote access software on his computer.

Then using his details, they created an account at a cryptocurrency exchange, where he transferred the above amount of money via wire transfer.

A thorough police investigation followed, in the context of which, from the analysis of cash flows and the tracking of successive transactions, the foreigner was identified as being involved in the case.

The case file that was created was submitted to the competent prosecuting authority.

It is reminded that citizens can contact, anonymously or by name, the Electronic Crime Prosecution Directorate, in order to provide information or report illegal or fraudulent acts or activities carried out over the Internet, at the following contact details:

Telephone: 11188

By sending an e-mail to: ccu@cybercrimeunit.gov.gr

Via twitter: @CyberAlertGR

Through gov.gr in the section Citizen and Daily life/ Complaints / Complaints about cybercrimes

Through the application for smart phones: CYBERKID