Five foreigners, who had entered the country illegally, were found inside a boat at the facilities of a private marina in the Port of Lavrio.

As the Coast Guard states in a relevant announcement, at noon yesterday, officers of the K.L. Lavrio, using information from the Maritime Border Security and Protection Directorate and the Andros Port Authority, conducted a check on a Polish-flagged I/F vessel that sailed to the private marina facilities of the port of Lavrio, with six (06) foreigners on board coming from Cesme, Turkey.

During the inspection, it was found that the foreign skipper and the foreign owner of the vessel in question illegally transported five (05) foreigners, making an illegal entry into the country without the legal formalities, as well as facilitating their transportation inland, at which point they were arrested, accused of violation of Article 83 of Law 3386/2005, Article 187 of the Civil Code “criminal organization” and articles 29 and 30 of Law 4251/2014. For their illegal transportation, they allegedly paid a total amount of twenty thousand (20,000) euros.

In addition, a quantity of seven grams (7gr) of suspected narcotics was found in the possession of the owner of the boat, which was confiscated.

Also, from K.L. Lavrio, the I/F vessel was seized, one (01) leased E.I.X. vehicle, two (02) tablets, three (03) mobile phones and the sum of three thousand nine hundred and sixty five (3,965.00) euros.

Preliminary investigation is carried out by K.L. Lavrio, while the aforementioned five (05) foreigners will be handed over to EL.AS/Department. Foreigners for the implementation of administrative measures against them.

The Maritime Border Security and Protection Directorate, in cooperation with the Lavrio Port Authority, analyzes and processes in depth all the evidence that has emerged and investigates the possible extension of the action of the above arrested persons in previous cases of illegal transportation of foreigners, as well as their cooperation with other members of organized circles with the same or similar criminal activities.