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Two foreigners, 36 and 45 years old, were arrested in the context of the autoforo, yesterday morning 7-3-2023 in Avlona, ​​for violating the law on addictive substances and importing and distributing mobile telephone devices in a detention center.

According to ELAS, following the utilization of information regarding the importation of narcotics and mobile phones into the special youth detention center of Avlonas, hidden in a catering vehicle, in order to be received and sold to prisoners, a special team of police officers was established in order to prevent criminal activity.

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In particular, the supply truck with the defendants on board, approached the Avlona detention center. Shortly before entering it, he was stopped by the police who, with the assistance of a police dog, conducted a thorough search inside the truck.

During the check, carefully hidden in a crypt between the driver’s and passenger’s seats, an improvised package containing 26.3 grams of cannabis was found. A search followed in the storage area-refrigerator, where a bag containing, among other things, 157.1 grams of cannabis, 3 mobile phones, a SIM card, 3 mobile phone chargers and 3 pairs of wired headphones were found carefully hidden among grocery items.

The arrested, with the case against them, were taken to the criminal prosecutor of Athens.