Another chilling video of the first seconds after the trains collided has come to light today.

The video was taken by a train passenger named Arslan, who got out of the 5th carriage and recorded the chaos that followed with his mobile phone.

In the video, the rescued can be heard screaming and calling for help, unable to explain what exactly happened and where.
The images of the wagons engulfed in flames are shocking.

As he pointed out to mega, Arslan, an immigrant from Pakistan, after taking the video, re-entered the wagons in order to help as much as he could.

“I went to Athens for 3 days for a walk and came back to Thessaloniki. After Larissa, the crash happened. I saw broken windows and went out, and I couldn’t get down. I went back in and then the doors opened and I got out. I helped a gentleman who fell down 3 times and pulled him out.”

He then stated that “then I went to the front where there was fire, but I couldn’t get close because it was high above. All the front wagons were on fire and all the children had blood. The police and the fire department also came. It was too high, you couldn’t climb up.”