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The Turkish amphibious operations helicopter carrier has been handed over to the Turkish Navy and is expected to make its maiden voyage shortly.

According to the correspondent of SKAI in Istanbul, Manolis Kostidis, Yeni Safak reports that “the first mission is to the Aegean and Crete to send a message to Greece». The newspaper also mentions that “the installation of electronic and weapons systems” on the ship begins.

Pre-election scene

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There is concern in Erdogan’s camp as Kilicdaroglu leads the polls with 13.6 points.

Meanwhile, Aksener reported in its statements that the mayors of Istanbul and Ankara, Imamoglu and Yavas, became Kemal Kilicdaroglu’s traveling companions because they are popular.

For his part, Kilicdaroglu described Aksener as brave, saying that “when necessary, she hits the table”.

Meral Aksener stated: “Mr. Kilicdaroglu will be the presidential candidate. The table of 6, however, made the two mayors who are very popular and the society said to them, come on, come on, as fellow travelers and competitors.

Kilicdaroglu commented: “Mrs. Meral is brave. He gives great fights and I want that to be known. She knows how to hug like a mother, but also when she needs to hit her hand on the table.”

Aksener replied: “This thought of Mr. Kemal is beautiful. It also has the part of hitting the table. He said I was brave. I thank him.”

For his part, the Turkish president is visiting earthquake victims in the houses they settled in and declares that he will only deal with the consequences of the earthquake.

“I visited all the areas twice and toured. I remember the old times of these city areas and I saw the situation that prevails today… Under the debris there were people, little children who said I was thirsty and were given water with a straw and a bottle cap,” Erdogan said.