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A 36-year-old man was arrested in Thessaloniki, accused of performing sexual acts against a 9-year-old boy and in order to “reward” him, he gave him to smoke cannabis.

The acts appear to have taken place in March 2021, in Evosmos, and were reported to the police when the minor (11 years old today) confided in his mother what had happened. As part of the preliminary police investigation, the minor was examined by a child psychologist, confirming his complaint.

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According to what has become known, the victim is the nephew of his (former) partner of 36 years (originally from Pakistan) and because of this family relationship he often came in and out of his aunt’s house. All this time, the accused remained missing.

He was – in the meantime – already wanted for involvement in a case of illegal immigrant trafficking, having been sentenced by the Criminal Appeal Court of Thessaloniki to a multi-year prison sentence. However, he did not appear at the trial and was tried by a proxy lawyer.

He was finally located in the previous 24 hours by police officers from the Ampelokipi – Menemeni Department who handcuffed him. He is being held both for the case with the minor, for which he was referred to apologize to the Prosecutor of Thessaloniki, and for the sentencing decision, which – in any case – he will have to serve.