They turned into arrests the inductions of the 14 demonstrators who are accused of having tried in the morning, during a protest, to prevent a crew of the Municipality of Thessaloniki from cutting down trees, in the Ancient Agora square, in the center of the city.

A case was filed against them for illegal violence, while among those arrested is the municipal councilor and head of the municipal combination “Ecology – Solidarity” Michalis Tremopoulos (according to the case, he also faces acts of resistance and insult).

Arrested persons are brought to the prosecutor’s office with the automatic procedure.

In the meantime, he had earlier expressed his dissatisfaction with the way the police operation developed, with the arrests of members of organizations – including the head of the “Ecology – Solidarity” combination Michalis Tremopoulos – who were protesting the interventions to cut down dangerous trees , according to information, the mayor of Thessaloniki, Konstantinos Zervas, in a communication he had with high-ranking officials of EL.AS.