15 out of 18 are inappropriate railway tunnels as it “seems” autopsy by the Fire Department.

According to the report of SKAI, the Fire Department together with employees of the OSE has for a year started autopsies in the tunnels of the railway network which are more than 1000 meters long. By January 2023, the inspection of 15 of the 18 tunnels had been completed.

Analytically the great Athens-Thessaloniki tunnels:

  • Kallidromou Tunnel (Tithorea-Lianokladi)
  • Othrios Tunnel (Lianokladi – Domokos)
  • Tempo Tunnel
  • Platamonas Tunnel
  • Aliartou Tunnel
  • Stirfaka Tunnels (3)
  • Makryrachis tunnel
  • Ekkara Tunnels (4)

The findings in all 15 are common:

  • There are serious deficiencies in fire safety measures
  • There is no provision for access to firefighting equipment and
  • Access of rescue crews
  • Communication within the tunnel is difficult or impossible (wireless – mobile)
  • Inadequate emergency lighting
  • Escape exits (absence or inappropriateness)
  • Problematic ventilation maintenance

It is noted that in 2015 a commercial train caught fire inside the Tempe tunnel. The representatives of the fire brigade who had participated in the extinguishing had complained afterwards that when they went into the tunnel, on the one hand, the water supply did not work, that is, they did not have water to put out the fire, and on the other hand, the ventilation did not work either. In fact, they made a report saying that this has been pointed out since 2010 during an EMAK exercise. That is, from 2010 until today, the problem remains and is very serious.

At the same time, it appears from the report that there is no legislation that defines security measures.

For each of the autopsies, the Fire Department has submitted some updated plans while also making a relevant document to the leadership of the government and the relevant ministry.