They were arrestedin the context of the auto fair, in the early hours of yesterday, Monday, March 13, 2023, two nationals (a man and a woman), for serial and accomplice robberies as well as for violation of the law on weapons, by the Sub-Directorate for the Prosecution of Crimes Against Life and Property of the Directorate Attica Security

To put an end to their action, a special team of police officers from the Property Crimes Department was set up, which managed to arrest them immediately after the crime robbery in jewelry store in his area Agios Dimitrios.

In more detail, the man, having covered his facial features, entered the jewelry store and, at gunpoint, removed jewelry from a safe, the value of which exceeded 80,000 euros. He then fled in his vehicle.

An important role in the robbery was also played by his accomplice, who pretended to be a customer to ensure his entry into the jewelry store, and then remained at the scene in order to divert the investigations.

After their arrest, investigations were carried out during which all the stolen jewelry was found inside the getaway vehicle, which was attributed to the jewelry store.

What did the investigations find?

Also – among others – were confiscated:

  • the above vehicle, as a means of committing criminal acts,
  • stun gun,
  • 49 unfired cartridges and
  • backpack and clothing worn while committing robberies.

From the preliminary investigation, which had preceded, it was discovered that an additional robbery was committed by the above, in the morning hours of February 22, 2023, at a bank branch in Kamatero, from where they removed the sum of 3,290 euros.

The arrested persons, with the case filed against them, were taken to the competent prosecutor’s office, while investigations into their participation in similar criminal acts are ongoing.