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The last goodbye to the 29-year-old train driver who was traveling as a passenger on the train that collided in Tempi, friends and relatives say today, at 1 in the afternoon, to I.N. of Agioi Theodoros of Perea Municipality of Edessa.

The funeral will be held after several days of procedures and contacts between Greece and Turkey in order for the father of Dimitris, who was a prisoner in Turkish prisons, to attend the funeral of his child.

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Finally, the father of train driver Nikos Nalbandis, who lost his life in the tragic train accident in Tempe, was extradited to Greece.

Dimitrios Nalbantis was taken to the Ypsala border gate of Andrianoupolis, where he was handed over to the Greek authorities.

My father of a deceased train driver he was serving a sentence in a Turkish prison and was due to be released at Easter. Nikos Nalbandis was one of the 57 victims of Tempe, as he was traveling as a passenger on the fatal train.

Contacts of ministers on the leave from Turkish prisons

According to information, the Greek Foreign Minister requested permission to be given to the imprisoned father of the train driver to attend his son’s funeral. As the same sources report, the father of the unfortunate train driver will serve the rest of his sentence in Greece. Also, the Minister of Citizen Protection, Takis Theodorikakos, had a telephone conversation about the case with the Minister of the Interior of Turkey, Suleiman Soylou. The Turkish minister informed about the positive response of the Turkish authorities to this request and for his part Takis Theodorikakos expressed his satisfaction for the immediate response of the Turkish authorities to this humanitarian request.

It is recalled that the father of the unfortunate 29-year-old was scheduled to be released after Easter, as a relative of the family had stated. According to information, the case of Nikos Nalbandis was the subject of the telephone conversation that Nikos Dendias had with his Turkish counterpart, Mevlut Cavusoglu.