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“Both last week and this week, after quite some time, we had serious price reductions in the Household Basket,” pointed out Minister of Development and Investments Adonis Georgiadis during the visit of himself and deputy minister Nikos Papathanasis today to stores of the supermarket chains “Masoutis”, “Sklavenitis”, “AB Vassilopoulos” and “MyMarket”.

Mr. Georgiadis also mentioned that they have already started contacts with market players with the aim of containing prices in the Easter market.

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“In Lent we had a decrease if you remember at the beginning compared to last year. They have fallen no further than in the first week of Lent. However, we are preparing to announce – maybe even this week – the offer that will be made especially to codfish for March 25, which is the traditional feast of this day and I will not hide from you that we are already in discussions with the meat market to see where the Easter goat and lamb will range this year.

And there I believe that with the measures we are taking we will be able to hold down prices and help people buy for Easter table as best as possible. In general, however, we are pleased. The reverse course has begun.”

Mr. Papathanasis stated:

“Indeed, this week too 95% of products have the same or lower price. Obviously, this de-escalation is now starting to take shape.

We notice that we have reduced prices and this is also visible during Lent. We now await the “Godfather’s basket“, which will be announced soon with the products it will include and of course, we are following the Easter market very closely. We want to have better prices for the products that consumers usually buy at Easter.”

Mr. Georgiadis also mentioned that next week a study will be presented at a press conference on the course of the prices of the products included in the Basket and how they affected the rest of the products.