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Vana Barba spoke today on “Our Breakfast”, who was “caught” by the show’s camera at the airport, returning from a trip to Rome.

The popular actress and former municipal councilor in the municipality of Glyfada revealed that she was in Italy with her daughter Phaedra, due to a health problem she is facing.

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“I had been to Rome with my daughter and it was very beautiful. The trip coincided with my birthday but I went for other, medical reasons… I took the opinion of other people and luckily things are going well with my health, but I don’t want to say anything else,” said Vana Barba.

She also revealed that – because of this problem – she is not a candidate in the upcoming elections.

“Due to the issue that arose with my health I will not be a candidate in the elections, I don’t have the stamina, it takes a lot of running. I will fight like all Greeks for things to go well and for the government we have to stay so that there is a partnership and we get out of the difficult period we are in. But I wish I could make a televised comeback to the extent that I can.”

The famous actress also referred to the tragedy in Tempi: “As Greeks, we don’t deserve to go through these things, I don’t know if we can overcome it and if we can forget this too, like many others. Leave the Greek artists, they know something. Trust them. Apart from being great, they know something, they want to send a message that maybe we didn’t understand”