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The 65-year-old man from his village was temporarily detained Towerwho is accused of a sexual act with a minor in a neighboring village from his own.

The perpetrator apologized today at noon for his actions in front of Investigator Ilia, who, with the consent of the Prosecutor, ordered the temporary detention of the accused.

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The 65-year-old who was arrested on Monday after the complaint made by the girl’s grandmother and after the preliminary investigation in Tower Security Sub-Directorate, was taken yesterday to the Prosecutor’s Office of Ilia, where he was given a deadline to apologize. He faces charges of sexual abuse of a person unable to resist, sexual intercourse with a minor and abuse of a minor.

As he first wrote it ilialive.grthe incident according to the complaints allegedly happened at the home of the family of the 7-year-old in a village of the municipality of Pyrgos, with the perpetrator being a 65-year-old “family friend” from a neighboring village, who visited them.

Because of the intimacy that existed between him and the family, he held the 7-year-old in his arms. At some point, however, the girl’s grandmother realized that the 65 year old he was taking his hand out of her granddaughter’s pants.

At that time the grandmother reacted, the 65-year-old tried to justify himself, while the little girl confirmed what the grandmother perceived. The “family friend” fondled her genitals.

The grandmother of the 7-year-old went to the Tower Security Directorate where she reported the incident.