With… a calling card, a 48-year-old prisoner managed to escape from the custody of the Magnesia Police Department, with the police officer who was being arrested at the time.

The target was released, an EDE was ordered and the fugitive who opened the door of the detention center according to information, with a calling card (and was finally re-arrested), was taken yesterday to the Autoforo Single-Member Misdemeanor Court of Volos to be tried.

According to the website gegonota. news, the 48-year-old has been involved dozens of times in extreme cases of domestic violence, while he has also threatened a Prosecutor. He is serving a sentence in Larissa prisons, from where he also escaped and the day before yesterday he was transferred to Volos to be tried for another case. According to what became known in the trial, they do not allow him to “move” to Nigrita prisons where, in his opinion, he would be better.

The scene of the escape

The 48-year-old man of Albanian origin escaped yesterday evening at 5.30 pm from the custody of the Magnesia Police Department. He opened the door with a calling card, and left like a “gentleman” while the purpose of the gate thought he was leaving the police station as a visitor.
As soon as his escape was noticed, an alarm was raised to locate him, as a result of which he was found about 4 hours later on 2nd November street with Mikrasiaton.
The 48-year-old has been convicted of domestic violence and has open accounts with the Justice. He was in detention because he was going to be tried at the Three-member Criminal Court for various cases, even though he is serving a prison sentence in the prisons of Larissa.

Just last Friday, he was given a new 18-month suspended sentence, as the Three-member Criminal Court of Volos, once again found him guilty of domestic bodily harm, domestic threat, illegal carrying of weapons and use of weapons.
The defendant is on remand in Larissa prisons for domestic violence, at the expense of his estranged wife and his in-laws, and has often concerned local social opinion.
He is the same person who, while standing in the corridor of the court after a guilty verdict, had threatened the prosecutor, telling her: “I will screw you and send you to prison.”

Police statements

He appeared in court yesterday wearing a suit and said he regretted getting the police involved in a big adventure. In fact, his lawyer argued that his client did not put up any resistance and that he should be judged with leniency because he donates to institutions.
The fact that the fugitive did not resist was confirmed at the trial by the police officer who arrested him and the commander of the Volos Police Department cited the events of the mobilization for his arrest, immediately after he was informed.
The purpose of the gate of the police headquarters testified that at the time he left as a “sir” the fugitive was talking on the phone and was being informed about two people who would be leaving the building. He thought he was one of the two people leaving and didn’t recognize him.
A defense witness, as happens in every court against him, was testified by his daughter, who said that her father is a very good person who makes donations, but he is a hostage to his ex-wife and his in-laws, while she characterized as his lawyer found the detention conditions at the AT unacceptable. Volos. The defendant was found guilty of escape to one year in prison with an order to serve the sentence without parole.