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The astrologer Yiannis Rizopoulos breathed his last on the afternoon of Thursday, March 16, 2023, as reported by the website eviazoom.gr.

According to the publication, the well-known astrologer collapsed while outside a supermarket in Amarynthos, Evia.

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The unfortunate man was found unconscious by passers-by and taken to the Chalkida Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

According to information on the website, an autopsy has been ordered to determine the exact cause of his death.

“The Gentleman of Astrology”

According to the website astrology.gr, where he worked, he was one of the pillars of the site and had developed a special relationship with the world and had created his own fanatical audience that followed him everywhere.

“It is with pain and sadness that we say goodbye to Yiannis Rizopoulos, one of the pillars of our site and one of the most wonderful people who ever passed through the DPG Digital Media Group of Companies.
Yiannis Rizopoulos “left” suddenly yesterday, plunging his family, his friends and all who knew and loved him into absolute mourning.

astrology.gr mourns and feels that it has lost its “parent”, as our site is its own “child”. Giannis Rizopoulos was one of the initiators of this effort. He was with us from his “birth”, in 2010, until the last moment. He gave his all to inform the public. He gave his best, his ideas, his knowledge and his love and helped the readers to understand and know even better the “magical” world of astrology.

He had developed a special relationship with the world and had created his own fanatical audience that followed him everywhere. Either in his speeches, or on our site, or at the school of astrology where he taught. Giannis Rizopoulos was a pioneer in his life and in everything that had to do with astrology. His predictions were always to the point, valid and serious.

He stayed true to his values, he was a visionary, he loved his work and he had his own way of seeing things. He was highly regarded by his colleagues and will always be remembered by his associates as a very kind personality, with a special sense of humor and insight. He was a low-key man, yet he knew how to make his presence felt in the room.

He will be remembered by all of us as the gentleman of astrology!

Goodbye John, we will never forget you! You will always be in our hearts and live on in our memories. The field of astrology will always be grateful to you for all that you have offered and for the “new roads” that you have opened for all the people who are now starting to deal with astrology”, the announcement of the website states.