Napoli’s plan for success: The summer transfers came with very small contracts!


THE Naples is having a dream season. They are one breath away from their first Scudetto since the 1989/90 season, fulfilling one of their fans’ biggest dreams, while for the maiden time in their history they are in the quarter-finals Champions League and has the possibility to reach the final (based on the draw) claiming the trophy.

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The summer manipulations from the athletic director, Cristiano Giudolibut also of the owner, Aurelio De Laurentiis, they were instrumental in building a competitive roster. With small, simple and logical movements, the two got over her Naples some… heavyweights of the past, replacing them with younger footballers and quite a bit cheaper. Something that has fully paid off on the pitch, as can be seen from the result.

THE Lorenzo Insigne he left in the summer after a… life in the “Partenopei”, when he rejected the club’s renewal proposal with reduced wages (3.5 million euros). THE Kvitsa Kvaratskelia who cost 11.5 million euros to acquire from Dinamo Batumi, got a contract worth 1.5 million euros and will bring many millions to the club’s coffers in the future.

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THE Kalidou Coulibaly was sold for 38 million euros to Chelsea and was replaced by Kim Min-jae. The 26-year-old Korean stopper cost 18 million euros and received a much smaller contract than his predecessor. Because the Kim receives 2.5 million euros per year, while the Senegalese central defender had 6!

Finally, O Dries Mertens he also left, continuing his career in Galatasaray. The Belgian, like the Insignia, had an annual contract of more than 5 million euros, but was not offered to renew. Her management Naples chose to replace him with two footballers, “Cholito” Simeone and the Giacomo Raspadori. Younger than Mertenswith great prospects and with the contracts of the two together, not even reaching that of the Belgian striker.

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Her plan Naples it has already succeeded and it remains to be seen if it will continue in the coming seasons with the same success and effectiveness…

Source: Sport Fm

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