After the Air Force and the Navy, it is the turn of the Land Forces to be strengthened with modern and more useful weapon systems, in order to cope with the increased needs, if and when deemed necessary.

As announced on Friday night by the Department of Statethe US will supply the Greek forces with amphibious assault vehicles, for the amount of 256 million dollars.

The specific weapon systems serve as auxiliaries to the infantry units, in the case of Greece, for the recapture of islands and in general for the landing of special units by sea.

Greece has agreed to purchase 75 AAVP-7A1 vehicles and 300 M2A2 ODS vehicles.

The technical characteristics of armored vehicles

The AAVP-7A1s are 3-man armored amphibious vehicles that can carry up to 21 Marines. In the water they develop a speed of 13 km and have a machine gun and a 40 mm grenade launcher.


-Armored Amphibious
-Payment of 3 people
-Carries 21 marines
-Speed ​​in water: 13 km
-Armament: Machine gun & Grenade launcher 40 mm.

The M2A2 ODS are armored with a crew of three and six infantrymen, have a 25 mm gun and two anti-tank missiles. They are also reinforced with strong ceramic armor.


-3 crew members & 6 infantrymen
-Armament: 25 mm gun & 2 anti-tank missiles
-Strong ceramic armor
-High mobility