“Air” passed from Plato and… the bwin Pigeon locks four!


With a “crescendo”, Peristeri bwin comfortably defeated Ionikos 102-75 in Nikaia for the 19th game of the Basket League and temporarily moved up to third place in the standings, albeit with more matches, leaving the Nikaites at 4-15 and in a difficult position for the sequel.

Vassilis Spanoulis’ players reached 57 points and +17 at the end of the first half and gradually increased the difference in the second, reaching +25 and +27 in the final.

The pioneers in this were Denmon with 19, Moraitis with 18, Hamer, Radanov with 15, Hugaz with 13 and Bilan with 11 points. For the hosts, Simmons was sensational with 26 points, supported by Arsenopoulos with 12 and Lacy, Hawkins with 11 points.

The match

Denmon kept the Peristeri bwin +2 at the start of the match, but Simmons’ three-pointers helped the Nicaeans keep +2 to +4 afterwards. Lacey took matters into his own hands in the racket and brought +6 for the hosts, who with a 5-0 run reached +9. Vassilis Spanoulis’ players with a 4-0 streak dropped to -5 and Moraitis to -3. Lenell took action and maintained +3 to +4, but Peristeri bwin’s 4-0 run made it 27-27 at the end of the first quarter.

An 8-0 run at the beginning of the second period with “hits” inside the racket from the forwards of Peristeri bwin brought +9 for the “cyano-yellows”, with Hamer as the star in this period. At 34-41, the Peristerians went on a 14-0 run with Radanov as the first “violin”, who dominated the racket, and reached +21. A 4-0 run by Hawkins made it 41-57 at halftime. The hosts had 11/18 two-pointers and 4/4 shots and the visitors had 18/26 two-pointers, 5/8 three-pointers and 14 rebounds.

A 4-0 run by Ionikos brought the -12 at the start of the third period, but the tall Peristeri bwin maintained +14 to +15 inside the opposing racket. A 5-0 run by Ionikos cut it to -9 with Arsenopoulos as the star, but Denmon took action in the perimeter and organization and led a 10-0 run that made the score 60-79 with the quarter ending at 62 -79.

Moraitis brought +19 at the start of the fourth period and Denmon brought +20. An 8-0 run by Peristeri bwin brought +25 to the western suburbs team, with the match decided. With a 4-0 run, Ionikos dropped to -21, with Nikaiotes having thrown the second five on the floor. Hugaz’s two three-pointers brought +28 and the match ended at 75-102.

The quarters: 27-27, 41-57, 62-79, 75-102

The statistics

Source: Sport Fm

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