Coronavirus: Vaccinated “disappeared” on the first day of the new measures |


It seems that the unvaccinated citizens, who from today need a negative rapid test or PCR, to stay in their homes to enter their shops and restaurants.

According to the ladder data of the Hellenic Post, the National Transparency Authority and the Inter-Service Market Control Unit, most customers in the areas inspected had a vaccination or disease certificate.

Competent sources told SKAI that some unvaccinated people may be waiting for the controls to “deflate” in order to circulate for coffee or for a walk in the shops in the coming days.

“Padlock” 60 days in a well-known club in Gazi

The controls for the implementation of the measures to stop the coronavirus are strict while the fines for the stores that violate them are heavy.

At a well-known nightclub in Gazi, the 60-day license was revoked at dawn, as customers without sickness certificates were located inside. This was the third violation in the same store in a few days.

In Thessaloniki, a locksmith was arrested not only because he violated the measures to stop the pandemic, but also because he attacked the ladder that carried out the control. Police were called to the scene and the man was arrested.

The commander of the National Transparency Authority, Angelos Binis, has stated that in such cases of verbal attacks or repulsion of the control ladders, lawsuits will be filed.


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