Opinion – Juca Kfouri: Flamengo shows signs of not supporting the top of Brazilian football


Being self-sustainable has been the recurrent challenge for Brazilian clubs thanks to the old-fashioned associative model that insists on remaining, sometimes maintained by patrons, sponsors who fall from the sky, suspicious partnerships, etc.

Although based on a system as archaic as that of its competitors, Flamengo managed to clean up its finances, build a team and be lucky enough to bring a coach from Portugal who has regained the taste of seeing beautiful football on our lawns. When everything indicated the path to lasting hegemony, what was sweet is no longer sweet.

The calendar doesn’t cooperate, referees are at the level of the CBF, injuries keep players like the Uruguayan De Arrascaeta away, but all this was present in 2019 when the Gávea club took off in the direction of being the Tupiniquim Bayern Munich.

When we see in the world panorama the Catalan power sinks in the same associative model and Barcelona become a punching bag, the rare reader and the rare reader notice what a curious situation: the season for both Flamengo and Palmeiras depends on a single game, between them, on November 27, in Montevideo, when one of the two will be a three-time continental champion to join the formerly hegemonic Santos, São Paulo and, less so, Grêmio — because the gauchos are incapable of playing the cards on the national stage.

As much as the Libertadores conquest saves the year, it is undeniable that neither of the two pleased in 2021, there were so many inadmissible fiascos for the size of their investments.

Think of Flamengo being limited to having been state champion; imagine Palmeiras watching ships, without any title.

Alviverde is on the verge of having a president, Leila Pereira, who needed a fraud to reach the position; the red-black with President Rodolfo Landim, about to be reelected, despite having promised to change the statute to prohibit reelections, defendant in a frightening process, accused of fraudulent management in pension funds that would have caused losses in the order of R$ 100 millions.

Finally, how can you expect something different from shameless people to the point of supporting the sinister and pathetic figure who will inhabit the Alvorada Palace for yet another year, author of crimes against humanity and who calls the Tower of Pisa the tower of Pizza?

We lived in a country where judges and prosecutors were punished before embarking, now blatantly, on politics, and many of Patropi’s top hats would have the same fate as some who went through Barcelona.

Which what!

One from Vasco has even died, those from Cruzeiro are out there more alive than ever, others from Corinthians idem ibidem, from CBF…


The film that tells its trajectory of glories, defeats, injustices, accidents, luck and misfortune arrives at a good time in Galo’s history.

Don’t expect impartiality, but be prepared to be touched.

Among many other qualities, the film does not give space to the demagoguery of marketers and listens to real athletics.

In fact, he even listens to Corinthians.


Finally, in good Portuguese, by publishing house Grande Area, the definitive biography of Sócrates, written by the Scottish journalist Andrew Donnie, has arrived at the bookstores, with decades of Brazil on his back as correspondent for the main newspapers in the world.

The entire Doctor, without exaggeration and without hot cloths, as the preface written by Raí attests.


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