1831: The first bank robbery takes place in New York. The robbers leave City Bank (now Citibank) with $245,000.

1895: French filmmakers and inventors Auguste and Louis Lumière create their first film, La sortie des usines Lumière, which captures workers leaving their factory.

1983: The editor of the “Vradini” newspaper, Tzortzis Athanasiadis, is murdered in his office. This is a terrorist act, which has not yet been solved.

2004: Anna Psarouda Benaki becomes the first female speaker of the Parliament by appointment of the Greek state.

2009: Greek-born American Admiral James Stavridis is appointed supreme commander of NATO forces in Europe.

2015: “We have put the process back on track,” declared Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, shortly after the end of the seven-party meeting on the Greek issue, held on the sidelines of the Brussels Summit. For a first convergence between the Greek prime minister and his interlocutors, European Commission officials are speaking.


1885: Attik, artistic pseudonym of Cleonos Triantaphyllos, “troubadour” of Athens. (D. 29/8/1944)

1936: Ursula Andres, Swiss actress, James Bond’s first girl.

1943: Mario Molina, Mexican chemist, who studied the chemistry of the Earth’s atmosphere and, together with Sherwood Rowland, formulated a theory in 1974, according to which chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) released into the atmosphere (stratosphere) by various products of industrial society (aerosol , refrigerator liquids, car air conditioning machines, etc.) destroy the ozone layer that protects life on our planet from the destructive ultraviolet radiation of the Sun. For this work they were awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry (1995) which they shared with Paul Krutsen. Their predictions were confirmed in 1985, with the detection of the “ozone hole” over the South Pole. (Thu. 7/10/2020)


1856: Ludovico Liparini, Philhellenic Italian painter. His well-known works related to the Revolution of 1821 are: “The German of Old Patras Raises the Flag of Independence” and “Lord Byron’s Oath”. (Born 2/17/1800)

1900: Eleni Boukoura – Altamoura, Greek painter. (Born 1821)

2008: Arthur Clarke, English science fiction writer. (“2001: A Space Odyssey”) (Born 16/12/1917)