At the arrest the police charged three more people as accomplices for the brutal murder of the 46-year-old in Xanthi.

According to the police investigation, the murder in Blonde it was done, as the bride left the groom’s house and they considered it a great insult.

A 37-year-old man, his two sons and his son-in-law were arrested by the police of Xanthi for in cold blood murder, with seven bullets, of a 45-year-old man in the early hours of Sunday.

The 37-year-old, who according to the police was the perpetrator, after his act he surrendered himself to the police authorities. A little earlier, with a post on Tik-Tok, he explains the reasons for his act and shows minute by minute his arrival at the Xanthi police headquarters in order to surrender.

The murder of the 45-year-old man which has caused a shock in the society of Xanthi, as reported by local publications, is related to a social issue that has existed for years now in the settlement of Droseros with the engagements between minors, the financial transactions behind them but also the increased crime in the area.

According to police sources, the 45-year-old victim, who he was the grandfather of a 15-year-old girlallegedly breached the agreement to “sell” her as a bride for the 17-year-old son of the 37-year-old perpetrator.

Specifically, the perpetrator is brought to have made a “deal” and he had paid 6,000 euros for the victim’s minor granddaughter as a bride to his minor son and even after a relevant “bargain” for the price.

A few weeks after the engagement of the two minors, the 45-year-old (grandfather) changed his mind and took the bride back home, but refused to return the 6,000 euros. The 37-year-old perpetrator, it is alleged that he has been claiming for the last time the amount he had given and yesterday, accompanied by his sons and son-in-law, he invaded the victim’s house and killed him by shooting him almost point-blank with a firearm, seven times.

The 37-year-old perpetrator had previously troubled the police authorities, who even confiscated the weapons found in his possession in January 2023.

Then, after barrage of armed robbersn in homes for the elderly in Xanthi, ELAS, in a large operation it had carried out in Drosero, arrested two people, the 37 perpetrator and another person. In their possession, the police authorities found weapons, grenades and drugs. However, the two arrested, after his confession they had been released with the agreement of the investigator and prosecutor, while only restrictive conditions had been imposed on them. The 37-year-old had also uploaded videos on Tik-Tok at the time, “celebrating” that he had been released.

The four arrested are expected to be brought to the Xanthi First Instance Prosecutor’s Office today

The police announcement

According to police announcementfour men aged 37, 18, 17 and 17 were arrested yesterday in areas of Xanthi, by police officers of the Xanthi Security Department, accused ofmanslaughter and violations of the arms legislation on a case-by-case basis against a 46-year-old citizen.

Specifically yesterday, in the early hours of the morning, the perpetrators all went together to the 46-year-old’s house, which is located in a settlement of Xanthi. As it emerged from the investigation, they all entered the house together while the 37-year-old wounded the 46-year-old man with a firearm and then fled.

The 46-year-old was transferred in the hospital of Xanthi where and concluded.

In the possession of the 37-year-old, the above weapon was found and confiscated as a product of criminal activity, a magazine and 24 cartridges.

The police investigation and preliminary investigation is carried out by the Xanthi Security Department, while the arrested they will be taken to the Criminal Prosecutor of Xanthi.