In Spain the national team for the European Men’s, Women’s


The delegation of the Karate national team, which will represent Greece in the 58th European Men’s Championship, is in Spain from today. The event will be held in Guadalajara from March 22 to 26 and Greece is participating with a full team and a total of 14 athletes.

The competitions start on Wednesday and during the first three days all the qualifiers in KATA and KUMITE will be held. On the weekend (25, 26 March) the finals of all categories are scheduled.

The leader of the expedition is Kostas Papadopoulos, while the athletes are accompanied by coaches Spyros Margaritopoulos, Dimitris Triantaphyllis and Mariza Soumbasaki. Also present are three Greek referees, Nikos Panetsidis, Dimitris Anastasiadis and Dimitris Arseniadis.



AGAINST : Lampros Markesinis (Athens Karate)

-60km: Stefanos Xenos (Odysseas Petroupolis)

-67k.: Dionysis Xenos (Odysseus Petroupolis)

-75kg: Dimitris Stolis (AS The Brotherhood)

-84k.: Konstantinos Mastrogiannis (Doxa Galatsiou)

+84k.: Giorgos Tzanos (AGS Sho Ku Kan)

Team: Konstantinos Binas (ASSK Igoumenitsa)

Nikos Drivas (AS Brotherhood)


AGAINST: Georgina Xenou (Odysseus Petroupolis)

-50km: Stelina Dzilia (AS Lakkoma)

-55km: Maria Stoli (AS The Brotherhood)

-61km.: Konstantina Chrysopoulou (AS The Brotherhood)

-68k.: Constantina Peppa (Odysseus Petroupolis)

+68k.: Kelly Kydonaki (Faistos)

The program of the organization

Wednesday, March 22

11:00 Proc. AGAINST (C)

12:00 Proc. AGAINST (A)

13:30 Pref. KUMITE +68k (C)

14:45 Proc. KUMITE +84k (A)

16:00 Pref. KUMITE -68k (C)

17:15 Proc. KUMITE -84k (A)

18:30 Pref. KUMITE -61k (C)

19:45 Proc. KUMITE -75k (A)

Thursday, March 23

11:00 Proc. AGAINST team (A), (C)

12:30 Proc. KUMITE -67k (A)

13:45 Proc. KUMITE -55k (C)

15:00 Pref. KUMITE -60k (A)

16:10 Proc. KUMITE -50k (C)

Friday, March 24

11:00 Proc. KUMITE team (A)

13:30 Pref. KUMITE team (C)


Saturday, March 25

10:45 – 13:15 Bronze medal matches

KUMITE +68k (C), +84k (A), -68k (C), -84k (A), -61k (A), -55k (C), -75k (A)

10:45 – 12:15 Bronze medal matches

KUMITE +68k (C), +84k (A), -68k (C), -84k (A), -61k (A), -55k (C), -75k (A)

13:00 – 14:30 FINALS

KUMITE +68k (C), +84k (A), -68k (C), -84k (A), -61k (A), -55k (C), -75k (A)

16:30 – 18:30 Bronze medal matches

AGAINST (C), AGAINST (A), KUMITE -60k (A), -50k (C), -67k (A), Team (A)

19:00 – 20:40 FINALS

AGAINST (C), AGAINST (A), KUMITE -60k (A), -50k (C), -67k (A), Team (C)

Sunday, March 26

10:00 – 12:10 Bronze medal matches

KATA Team (A), (C), KUMITE Team (A)

13:00 – 14:20 FINALS

KATA Team (A), (C), KUMITE Team (A)


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