The notaries announced their decision to stay away from the “Electronic Real Estate File” platform on Monday Athens – Piraeus – Aegean – Dodecanese.

During the general meeting of the members of the Athens-Piraeus-Aegean and Dodecanese Notarial Association, the notaries expressed their opposition to the pilot operation of the platform, and at the same time decided to completely refrain from using it and suspend its pilot operation, until the resolution of the subject.

In more detail, the notaries express their strong reservations about the feasibility of the disputed electronic application, and they dispute that it serves notaries and citizens. In their view, the transfer of paper-based paperwork to an electronic environment is being attempted, which adds additional care and responsibilities to an industry that is literally groaning under the weight of ongoing polynomialism, poor legislation and the lack of measures to simplify property transfer procedures .

They also ask the state to listen to the proposals of the notarial branch that manages a key sector for the national economy, such as real estate, and warn them to abstain from their duties from contracts and auctions after Easter.