The people with whom Maria Tsalla or Irena Smireva as is her real name, she developed relationships while living in Greece have come under the microscope of the Authorities. To spoke exclusively employee of the census of Aliveri who had taken over her file Russian spywho was applying to register as a citizen and as shown in the video below, the employee complains that she was pressured by the lawyer her. Her lawyer himself, speaking to SKAI, claims that he did not understand anything.

THE Russian spy during the years she remained in Greece, she managed to deceive many, but also to set up a network of people who helped her to falsify and legalize documents.

With the help of a lawyer from Evia, he managed to get a family status certificate and register as a citizen of Aliveri.

“I realized that something was wrong and initially I refused to proceed with the procedure. He (the lawyer) came several times to our office putting pressure on us to proceed with the proceedings. In fact, a responsible statement of his relative was presented, who seemed to be hosting her”, says an employee of the polling station.

“Yes, he had signed. I don’t remember it now. But for my wife to tell me…It’s possible. But I’m still not sure. If this thing was done, it would be done with a view to presenting a normal contract later,” said the lawyer on the SKAI Dekatianoi show.

The employee of the Municipality of Aliveri refers to doubts created by the behavior of those involved and reveals that the lawyer who helped the Russian spy suddenly presented a rental property in the name of Maria Tsalla.

“There were several gaps in the part of the registration and we sent her to the Aliveri police station for the authenticity of her signature. One of the supporting documents required was a house rental in Aliveri. The responsible declaration of hospitality was not enough. After a month a rental contract appeared. The lawyer was quite pushy, he even said that there will be consequences if the registration of “Maria Tsalla” in the census does not go ahead,” notes the Clerk of the Census.

SKAI found the owner of the apartment who complains that she had never made a rental contract with this woman.

“The last time I saw it, the contract is from 2012. Maria Tsala in particular was not even my typeface. I don’t remember renting from Maria Tsala. After 2018 I did not rent. This agreement says 2012 that it has been done just in the months they write 2019. The agreement says today February 2nd 2012 and then when it says time it says another date. He (the lawyer) had gone to it himself. He went to make papers, the legality of her papers in Aliveri”, he says characteristically.

After today’s complaints SKAI tried to contact the lawyer from Evia to no avail.