The – local – remote control panel was operating normally on the fateful night of February 28, emphasized the main bulletin of SKAI and Sia Kosionis Zacharias Stournaras, OSE maintenance manager. “The station master has the ability to monitor the course of the train, he saw the course of the train that entered the siding” he said characteristically.

In particular, as he pointed out to Sia Kosionis and SKAI journalist Christos Nikolaidis,the local remote control panel of the Larissa station operated and operates automatically for routing, both on February 28 when the incident happened and today when we did the tests, and in the previous days, all routing is done by here without any problem».

Asked if the 59-year-old station master could have prevented the collision, the OSE executive replied, “Of course. The board was working normally, the difference is that automatic routing was not handled so that the train continued on its way uphill, than it went through the forgotten interchange 118A, and entered the descent line both ways, and caused the fatality.

“The station master is obliged, in principle, to make an automatic marking to protect itself from the system itself. The system itself protects, gives security in circulation” clarified Mr. Stournaras. And if he had done that, he continued, the forgotten changes that were on the siding they would have been sorted out by the systemAnd this whole incident would have been avoided. The stationmaster has the ability to monitor the train’s course, he saw the train’s course as it entered the sidingthat is, diagonally, and entered the opposite course both ways, from the descent, and was going north.

The building visited by Alexis Tsipras

As Mr. Stournaras clarified, “the other building that Mr. Tsipras went to is the traffic control center of Central Greece. It is going to be housed there remote control in a more general form, i.e. the remote control center, which will control the operation, management of signaling and traffic from the exit of the Domokos railway station to the entrance of the Plateos railway station, ehere is local remote control of the station, it has limits of 8 to 8.5 kilometers north-south of the station (…)”

As the OSE official explained, “here we are at the station, the station master’s actions are limited and are within station boundaries. Square. This system will work with two to three jobs.”