With 1,188 police officers are strengthened, in the first phase, airports and gateways in our country, in view of the tourist season, announced YCitizen Protection Officer Mr. Takis Theodorikakosto Minister of Tourism Mr. Vassilis Kikiliawho visited him in his office.

The goal of the cooperation between the two ministries, as Mr. Theodorikakos said, is to confirm internationally that Greece, in addition to being a beautiful country, is also a safe destination and that is why a strong safety net is being built for every visitor and friend who comes to our homeland. In this way, he noted, we support Greek tourism, businesses and workers in the sector, creating new development prospects.

The Minister of Tourism Vassilis Kikilias thanked Mr. Theodorikakos for his decision which reinforces the very serious work done last year. He emphasized that a key element to travel is safety, pointed out that tourism is the main driver of development and creation of new jobs and estimated that this year we will have a very strong tourist season.

THE Minister of Citizen Protection Mr. Takis Theodorikakos stated:

“1188 trained police officers are being added these days to the security services at the country’s airports ahead of the new tourist season. And gradually, those still required will be added, there as well as in the country’s tourist destinations and the rest of the entry and exit points in Greece.

The message we are confirming internationally today is one, that Greece is not only a beautiful country, but also an absolutely safe destination.

In collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism, we are building a strong safety and hospitality network for every visitor and friend who comes to our Homeland.

In this way, we support Greek tourism, we strengthen businesses and workers in the sector, which creates new development prospects and incomes for all Greeks.”

THE Minister of Tourism Mr. Vassilis Kikilias stated:

“Tourism remains and is further strengthened as the country’s heavy industry. It is the main driver of growth with job creation. This is why we are particularly pleased with today’s announcement by the Minister of Citizen Protection, whom we thank, because the first image that travelers and tourists have of the country are the entry gates, airports and land entry gates. Last year a very serious work was done, which continues and is strengthened this year. We feel that this unique tourism experience that we can offer travelers and tourists, now in a season that only grows and expands, will be one that will come to rest on safety, a key element for people to travel nowadays . We expect a very strong tourist season and multiple incomes for the average Greek family”.