The president of the Plenary of the presidents of the Bar Associations of Greece and the president of the Athens Bar Association Dimitris Vervesosafter the today’s bloody episode outside the Court of Appeal of Athenscalls on the government and the relevant ministers to immediately take all the necessary measures security measures at courthouses and to attribute the responsibilities to the police officers who were dramatically reduced.

In more detail, Mr. Vervesos states in his statement:

“Today’s bloody incident outside the Court of Appeal of Athens, and indeed during the Court’s operation in the presence of a police force which demonstrated an unacceptable inaction of substantial intervention, demonstrates the complete lack of substantial security and protection measures in a courthouse, where an important number of officials and co-officials of justice, court officials and citizens.

It is unthinkable that human lives are at stake in a central part of the city near the Supreme Ice and GADA (!!!). We must not mourn victims again, so that the tragedies we live through in the last days are repeated. Retrospective excuses and acceptance of responsibility will not be enough again (…).

We call on the Government and the competent Ministers to immediately take all the necessary measures, so that Justice is administered under conditions befitting a European state of law and those who come, in any capacity, to the country’s courthouses feel and are actually safe .

Also, it is not enough to carry out another useless EDE, from those referred to in the calendars, but to assign the responsibilities directly to these police officers who were dramatically reduced to intervene”.