Her immediate revocation of the license of professional practice to the Taekwondo coach who allegedly raped minor female athletes in Ilioupoli, the General Secretariat of Sports announced on Thursday.

Following an order from the Deputy Minister of Sports, Lefteris Avgenakis, the Department of Sports Coaches of the Greek Sports Academy immediately initiated the process of revoking the professional license of Olympic Taekwondo coach, who falls under the obstacles of article 3 of Law 2725/1999, after his prosecution by the Prosecutor’s Office for criminal acts.

It should be noted that according to the GGA, the association of the coach in question (A.S. Iris Ilioupolis) had never come to register and be legalized, through the electronic Register of Sports Associations, which has been operating since 2020, while it does not have either Special Sports Recognition.

The coach is accused of sexually abusing five girls, minors at the time of the acts, at the martial arts school he ran in Ilioupoli.

How he approached girls

The defendant, taking advantage of his position, approached minors and after extolling their abilities in the sport, he persuaded them to follow the competitive section, in order to have long hours of individual training with him.

Afterwards and after convincing them, he performed sexual acts with them either at the gym or at his home in Ilioupoli.

From the investigation of the police in the school area and in an auxiliary area where it seems that he was raping the minors, 3 mobile phones, 2 tablets, 3 laptops, 1 hard disk and 1 memory card were found.

The tangle of the case began to unravel when three girls – now adults – filed a lawsuit against him for sexual abuse, with the preliminary investigation revealing that at least two more girls had fallen victim to him.

“I fell from the clouds because I didn’t understand such behavior,” said a former athlete.

The mother of a former student told ERT that “he was a coach and owner, I know that in recent years he had probably converted a room into a house, he definitely lived here sometimes”.

As the former athlete stated: “What I heard has moved me a lot, it’s something I find very difficult to believe, because he was a person very close to me, he was really like a second father, I always admired him.”

His action is said to have started in 2009.

Her disgust about the news of the coach’s arrest, the Greek Taekwondo Federation expressed.