Iraklis of Larisa: “Not even a basket of… Martsoukos is fasting”!


Her dissatisfaction of the first results of the manipulations Martsoukou expressed the Iraklis of Larisa.

With his announcement, he characterizes meager the revenue secured by its new president Super League 2.

It therefore specifically mentions that the… basket its not even Lent, but empty.

The announcement in detail

“On Wednesday 22/3/2023 at 14:30 a meeting of the Board of Directors was held. of Super League 2 at the offices of the cooperative during which the new president Mr. Martsoukos Petros informed the members of the cooperative about the results of the contacts he had regarding the resolution of the financial problems faced by the teams.

Unfortunately, most of the electronic media that published the results of the meeting intentionally or not, with their headlines presented that they were almost solved or at worst, the financial problems of PAE are solved and that Mr. Martsoukos brought money to Super League 2.

As a result of this, the football players and those who move around the teams believe that the teams have already “SAVED” them and that everyone will be paid.

The truth is the following, to which, if Mr. Marchoukos disagrees, we will wait for his answer:

1. Mr. Martsoukos Petros reported to the members of the cooperative that, after his meeting with the President of EPO, Mr. Baltako, the latter undertook to address the president of FIFA, Mr. Infantino, in order to find out the amount of 1,000. 000 € which will cover the remaining arbitrations of the teams. In practice, this means a reduction of the teams’ operating costs by €25,000.00 if they do not pay the remaining arbitrations and no money in the PAE coffers.

2. The President Mr. Martsoukos Petros reported that, after coordinated actions, the terminated contract of BETSSON with Super League 2 was reactivated. The original contract provided for an amount of €650,000.00 of which €250,000.00 had already been given by BETSSON and had been used by the Board of Directors. of Super League 2 to meet operational needs of Super League 2 and not the slightest amount had been given to the teams.

Now, with the reactivation of the contract, the President secured instead of the €400,000.00 which was the initial balance, the amount of €200,000.00 which will be given to the teams. Practically this means that, the teams will receive €200,000.00 / 29 teams = €6,896.00 per team.

3. The President, Mr. Martsoukos Petros, stated that the television rights contract that had been terminated is being reactivated and the installments of the television rights will be given to the teams until the end of the championship. Simply, Mr. President, this is not new money for the teams.

4. He stated vaguely that efforts are being made to sponsor a company in the amount of €1,000,000.00 without even mentioning the name of the company.

Mr President the results to date are meager and poorly presented as achievements, creating further problems for club managements with footballers, suppliers and everyone the clubs owe money to.

Your basket, Mr. President, is not even the Lenten basket of Kou Georgiadis. It’s unfortunately empty…

On behalf of the Board of Directors of Iraklis Larissa”

Source: Sport Fm

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