12 years imprisonment the Joint Jury imposed Thessaloniki in 47 years old who was found guilty of the death 40 years old drug addict, who had been found unconscious, severely beaten on the head, in front of the building of the Library of the Theological School of AUTH, in August 2015. The woman ended up two months later in the hospital, without regaining consciousness at any time during her hospitalization .

The case remained unsolved for several years, but a fingerprint on a beer bottle, found at the crime scene, made the 47-year-old accused. He was reportedly homeless and, like the victim, used drugs. After his act, he fled to his homeland, Albania, and then settled in Italy. Following a request for judicial assistance, he was extradited to Greece last year, when he apologized to an investigator and was remanded in custody.

Initially, he denied any involvement in the case, but during his temporary detention, biological material of the same person was identified in the laboratory on the patient’s fingernails, as a result of which he changed his defense line.

Apologizing in court, he admitted hitting the 40-year-old, but not with the intention of killing her. As he reported, while he was sleeping he felt someone groping him, so he reacted, while confessing that he hit the woman in response to the blows he received from her.

Ultimately the court found him guilty, by a majority of 4-3 and with the votes of the jury, of manslaughter. The minority judges ruled that he should be convicted of grievous bodily harm. No mitigating circumstances were found, and after his conviction, he returned to prison.