Reporting: Makis Synodinos

In two places in the heart of Athens where the two arrested terrorists stayed when they came to the capital from the countryside, the authorities’ investigations are focused on.

Specifically, the room at Concordbut also an apartment in Ano Liosia where they met their countrymen in order to recruit them, they have been targeted by the anti-terrorist.

According to police sources, more than 10 Pakistanis lived in the apartment in Ano Liosia, making it an ideal place for the terrorists’ plans, who were looking for people to participate in the terrorist attack they were planning on the Jewish synagogue-restaurant in Psirri.

No weapons or explosives were found during the anti-terrorist raid on the apartment, while 15-20 Pakistanis were brought in to testify what they know about the arrested.

Another element that is being investigated by the authorities is the contacts that the terrorists had with criminal as it was only from the scene of the criminal crime that heavy weapons, explosives and poisonous gases could be procured to bleed, as they planned, the Jewish synagogue.