The Prosecutor ordered a preliminary examination for the accident of the 15-year-old student at the Standard High School of Ioannina, while in the context of this a case file was filed against the principal for causing bodily harm through negligence.

The accident became known with a delay of several hours and without the school management informing the Police, the Municipality and the Education Directorate.

The student who fell from a height as part of the fence gave way was fortunately not seriously injured. However, he was transferred to the University Hospital where he underwent all the necessary tests.

The Parents Association

Today the Association of Parents and Guardians of the Model High School addressed an open letter to the Municipality, the Regional Directorate of Education, the Directorate of the school and others expressing its concern and asking for immediate measures to be taken.

The Association of Parents and Guardians describes the mesh construction, which was supposed to act as a guardrail to prevent falling into a 6m ditch, as “obviously shoddy and dangerous”.

“The netting, having been fixed quite improperly and haphazardly—sir saw how many years ago—simply gave way, and the child fell into the void! By sheer luck, he landed first on a landing, in the middle of nowhere, and then, probably on his feet, on the floor. He was very lucky and seems to have avoided any serious injury,” the announcement states and asks for checks to be carried out so that the necessary interventions can follow.

Interventions by the Municipality

The Municipality of Ioannita, from the moment it was informed of the accident that happened at the Standard High School, mobilized immediately. The responsible vice-mayor and the mayor contacted the school’s management, from which there was no timely information about the incident, and then the parents of the student who was hospitalized.

Today, early in the morning, crews from the Municipality’s construction site are proceeding with the restoration of the fencing in the courtyard of the school while they will examine the possibilities for a better and safer solution.

The Mayor of Ioannina Dimitris Papageorgiou with his statement expresses his regret for the accident and his support for the family of the student whom he wished well.

“School units, the places where our children are every day, must be the first priority for all of us. Both for the Municipality and for society itself. In the previous period, interventions were made in many school units. At the same time, the Municipality was asked to pay large sums for the restoration of extensive damages caused to some complexes, money that is not left over. I’m not trying to find excuses and as far as the Municipality is concerned we take responsibility for the accident that happened. But I have to point out the need for respect from everyone in school spaces as well as in public spaces” he notes in his statement and makes it known that an extensive discussion will follow in the Municipal Council on the situation in schools.