A 46-year-old kindergarten teacher who was accused of inappropriate behavior against 5 minor students, in Nea Flogita, Halkidiki, was found innocent by the Court of Appeal.

In the first instance, in 2020, he was sentenced by the Kilkis Mixed Jury Court to a total of 6 years imprisonment redeemable for 5 euros per day. He was initially referred to stand trial for sexual indecency and felony child abuse.

Finally, by the Court of First Instance, he was found guilty of sexual indecency at the level of a misdemeanor.

According to the case file, the 46-year-old kindergarten teacher sprayed the children with a water gun and pulled their shirts to see their bodies while wearing tight overalls. Following complaints by the parents of 5 infants and a relevant report by the competent Directorate of Primary Education, criminal prosecution was initiated.

“No parent ever came to complain. I am also the father of a daughter. From the first moment I went to school I was not looked upon kindly. I didn’t wear tight overalls. They probably couldn’t accept that a male kindergarten teacher came. No one sued, all the parents hid behind a report they made to the relevant Directorate of Primary Education. I am innocent, I have done nothing. It was my mistake, given the Greek reality. It was a game” claimed, among other things, the accused in his apology.