Incidents of beatings and bullying between male and female students in schools seem to have become a daily phenomenon. This time, female students at EPAL Chalkida played wild wood in the courtyard.

The fierce beating between the female students happened a month ago, with a student who attends another high school in the city, entered the school and began to furiously beat the EPAL student, causing her to faint.

The local community is upset, as they see daily incidents of violence in the prefecture’s schools, some even argue that the children may not speak out of fear.

The parents are behind bars, according to’s testimonies, and the police were not aware of the two incidents of violence that occurred at EPAL Chalkida.

At the same time, what worries the parents is that the teachers were not informed by the students about the incident, they went out to the school yard after the extracurricular student had left and then informed the girl’s parents and called the ambulance.