An alarm was sounded yesterday, Thursday (6/4) at the Port Authorities of Thessaloniki, after the detection of marine pollution from oil in the Port of Thessaloniki – The oil tank of a Cargo Ship overflowed – The Captain and the First Engineer were arrested – The ship was prohibited from sailing and the administrative sanctions procedure.
Yesterday morning, the Port Authority of Thessaloniki was informed in detail about the existence of marine pollution near the wharf in the port of Thessaloniki.

Officials of the relevant Port Authority immediately went to the scene, where it was found that marine pollution was caused by an iridescent film of petroleum products, covering an area of ​​approximately seventy square meters (70 sq.m.), in a section between the wharf and the port of a ship that was moored in the above area, due to overflow of the oil tank of the above F/G ship.

The relevant management body activated the emergency plan to deal with incidents of oil pollution, with floating dams and the use of absorbent materials in the above area, while with the care of the ship-owning company of the ship in question, a private company was assigned the corresponding decontamination work, with the result the entrapment of the film within the floating barrier.

The Master and the First Engineer were arrested by the Central Port Authority of Thessaloniki, which is conducting the preliminary investigation, while the ship was prohibited from sailing and the process of imposing administrative sanctions was initiated.