Lower than expected is the demand for accommodation in her area Plastira lakein view of the Easter holidays, which causes a reflection among the professionals of the region.

Their representative, Mr. D. Galagalas, emphasized that according to the data there will not be occupancy and he calculated that at the current rate there will be enough accommodation spaces during Easter.

Last year, there was occupancy, but this year we will hardly approach 80%. Of course, any demand is expected to peak next week, but it is unlikely, no matter how much growth there is, that traffic will reach last year’s levels.

The paradox is that the fact that Easter is relatively early this year favors the mountainous areas, as the sea and especially the islands are not yet suitable for this type of escape. Also, prices in our area remain stablebut of course there is also the general economic restraint of the world, which comes out of a difficult winter.

In fact, Mr. Galagalas also put the elections into the equation, as some who vote far from their place of residence, will not easily attempt a trip even on Easter and after a month.

In conclusion, the area of ​​Lake Plastira at Easter will be very crowded, but there will also be room availability, even for those who will decide even at the last minute.