The wild fight which broke out in the central square of the National Resistance in Arta, between a 51-year-old priest and two citizens aged 57 and 41, has caused many and varied reactions in the local community.

According to information from, the priest, could not accept that Papadia, with whom they have had four children, left home and has now moved on with her life with a new partner.

The priest who wanted more explanations, asked to meet with the 57-year-old who allegedly maintains relations with Papadia.

A 41-year-old man, a friend of Papadia’s new partner, was “present” at the meeting that took place on Thursday, April 6.

But the conversation got away, the blood “fired” and the fight between all three began, as a result of which they all ended up at the Police Station.

They followed mutual complaints, they remained for 24 hours in the department, a trial was set and they were released.

According to the same information, the priest and the companion of the papaya, about a week ago they had fought again in the middle of the road with cause again, the new relationship of the couple.

Papadia found herself with her four children in the department, trying, but in vain, to calm her husband down.

About the incident the Diocese of Artas issued an announcementwhich expresses its regret and displeasure over the fact, clarifying that the specific priest does not belong to its staff.
He also notes that the superior authority of the clergy investigates any ecclesiastical responsibilities and expresses its confidence in the Judiciary.

“The Holy Metropolis of Artis expresses its pain, because, according to the appearances, a multi-member family, and even a Priestly one, has been injured to the point of its dissolution,” the statement says indicatively.