It is a shame for democracy that we do not agree on the self-evident, the government representative told SKAI and on the show Today Giannis Oikonomou about the attitude of SYRIZA regarding the Kasidiaris party and the government’s legislative intervention.

Noting that “Mr. Mitsotakis says “I want a clean mandate”” he wondered about this proposal “what exactly is there”, and estimated that opposition parties “will attempt a government of losers”.

Regarding the stakes of the elections, Mr. Economou pointed out that the government seeks a stable and independent government in an environment of enhanced proportionality.

“There was no room for the AXA trial”

“We have a central question, do we have a front that will prevent criminal organizations from running in national elections? It’s that simple… The dialogue has run out. If we are honest, we go to the Parliament and create the conditions for the Justice to block their way” said the government representative for SYRIZA.

“Don’t you see some strange behaviors and paths as a result? SYRIZA does not find a word to say yes or no, it finds many words, he noted.

At the same time, he meaningfully stated, in the past there was no room to hold the Golden Dawn trial at the same time when there was a way to create majorities in the Parliament for other things. The political forces must be very clear on things that for democracy must be a common denominator, the government representative said.

“Syriza’s proposal was constitutionally unsound”

Mr. Economou clarified that there is currently no SYRIZA proposal for the Kasidiaris party, there was a SYRIZA proposal when the government’s legislative initiative was submitted, which proposal was constitutionally unsound. “There was a legislative initiative that secured a wider parliamentary majority, again with SYRIZA being absent,” whispered a “paron”. Secondly, there was an intervention by the government so that there would be no window of doubt, so that there would be greater validity, emphasized Mr. Economou.

“The government was in contact with the leadership of the Supreme Court”

The government, he explained, was in contact with the leadership of the Supreme Court, given that this legislation we are bringing has issues with the court’s procedural functioning. There was a consultation, I think it is institutionally mandated, when you bring a law with questions of procedural operation of the court to inform and consult with the leadership of the Supreme Court. The government should have taken into account the view of the leadership of the Supreme Court on the issue of the procedural functioning of the court.

“Shame on democracy”

It is a shame for politics and a shame for democracy, Mr. Economou continued, not to agree on the self-evident despite individual disagreements. “Sponsors of the fringes, the lubens, the neo-fascists, the neo-Nazis are those who do not give one-word answers to critical questions” he commented, leaving spikes for SYRIZA.

“Mr. Antonaros found his ideological harbor”

Also, when asked about former MP and ND government representative Evangelos Antonaros, he said that he does not comment on his move to SYRIZA. “She’s been speaking for herself for far too long. Mr. Antonaros has finally found his ideological harbor, good luck to him and to SYRIZA”.

“They will attempt a government of losers”

It is worth seeing, said the government representative, that 5.5 weeks before the elections, SYRIZA announced ballot papers with some 50 candidates missing, people were still announced as parliamentary candidates, who withdrew, and instead of seeing persons who would change the leadership and the composition of the first line, we saw the same and unchanging anthropo-geography as the one that ruled the country in 2015 – 2019 in speech and behavior of the type of Mr. Polakis.

“Mr. Tsipras was honest yesterday, he said, if I heard correctly, “but what do we say before the elections, but what happens after the elections”. They will attempt a government of losers, I personally have no doubt, if the numbers and percentages come out.”

Regarding the fact that the president of SYRIZA declares that he does not want a “government of losers”, Yiannis Oikonomou observed that it is not only that Tsipras has zero personal credibility in politics, but also that his officials say it one way or another.

“We seek a stable and self-reliant government”

“The May 21 election is crucial, and the result is what we want to be a decisive victory, to move on to the next day. We seek a percentage that in an environment of enhanced proportionality will give the country a stable and self-sufficient government, clarified the government representative. “Mr. Mitsotakis says “I want a clear mandate” against this proposal, what exactly is there?” he wondered.


Regarding the pre-election debates, the government representative said that the prime minister is an institutional politician, he does not refuse the dialogue, the dialogue will take place institutionally, based on the rules that apply in the pre-election periods. He asked that the telefight should not be a heated discussion, but an interactive dialogue, where everyone would ask each other questions.