New an incident of abuse was reported by animal lovers in Chaniawhich they found, in a village of the Municipality of Platanias, inside an old piggery, 10 adult dogs, five puppies, and one horse tied up, malnourished, unsheltered, exposed to the elements.

Ms. Leda Sifodaskalaki, a member of the city’s animal welfare association, which is very active in the matter of stray, abandoned, beaten animals in Chania, spoke of shocking images in an interview with ERT Chania.

As he explains, the dogs were boned, with 50 points of chains and wood and pallets for lodgings (whatever was outside the pigsty), with terrible dirt and stench in the place from their excrement, with dirty plastic water bowls (whatever they had). Also, one of the dogs has given birth and there are 5 tiny puppies in miserable condition, she points out. According to the people who spotted them “the dogs were screaming from hunger and abandonment”

Called immediately the police in order to establish all violations and to search for the perpetrator-owner of the animals in the context of the autoforos. The owner was located and arrested, and according to information, an administrative fine was imposed on him, while he is well known in the local community, according to Mrs. Sifodaskalaki.

ERT photos: