A call to the citizens to support her organ donationas the highest act of offering and love to fellow human beings, the Medical Association of Athens (ISA) addresses, pointing out that “their offering as organ donors is an act of the highest sensitivity and solidarity, comparable to a modern and advanced society”.

Furthermore, it assures that “all doctors involved in receiving and transplanting organs perform a amazing work, with respect for human pain and human agony”.

Therefore, ISA considers that “organ transplantation, which is the ultimate treatment, with the replacement of an organ that no longer functions with another healthy one, has rightly been characterized as the medical revolution of the 20th century”.

“It is now self-evident that the survival of a seriously ill patient hospitalized in an Intensive Care Unit is the main and only goal of intensivists, who selflessly fight death. But even when the loss of a person’s life is unavoidable, with the donation of organs, some other human lives are saved”, emphasizes the ISA, adding: that for this purpose, “the National Transplantation Organization, assisted by the Ministry of Health, ensures the correct disposal and utilization of the instruments transparently and safely, without any deviation from the strict rules set by the legislation. Transplanted patients are the living proof of thisof the importance and effectiveness of this work”.