The 63-year-old foreigner was arrested for willfully injuring and causing bodily harm to a companion animal, which took place on Thursday afternoon in Heraklion, specifically in the area of ​​Patella.

In fact, the officers of the A Police Department of Heraklion who are handling the case, assured her administrative fine of 40,500 euros for violations of the Pet Welfare Legislation.

also administrative fine of 200 euros was imposed on the owner of the animal for violating the above Legislation.

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The preliminary investigation is carried out by the 1st Police Department of Heraklion and the arrested woman with the case against her will be taken to Mr. Criminal Prosecutor of Heraklion.

It is recalled that the 63-year-old driver coldly ran over a dog with her car. While she had seen him standing in the middle of the road instead of waiting for him to pass, step on the gas and dragged him away seriously injuring him.

Closed-circuit cameras of shops in the area recorded the incident as well as the license plates of the vehicle and quickly the police managed to locate and arrest her.