Her three villages Epirus appear with zero inhabitants, several with single digits and even more with less than 30 inhabitants

The shrinking population, especially beyond the urban centers, was reflected in the census data which was conducted and completed with obstacles.

The desolation of the villages is fully reflected in the detailed data published on Friday by Statistics for all the communities of the country.

Epriuspost processed the data for the population of the villages of Epirus and presents those with fewer than thirty inhabitants.

  • At the borders of the Municipality of Ioannita, the Community of Spotho appears with zero inhabitants.
  • In the Municipality of North Tzoumerko, in the Municipal Unit of Tzoumerko, Kedros has only 24 inhabitants.
  • In the Municipality of Dodoni, Dragopsa has 23 inhabitants and Asprochori 26.
  • In the Municipality of Zagori, Agia Paraskevi in ​​Eastern Zagori appears with zero inhabitants, while Dilofo has 13, Kalouta 16, Manassi 26, Kastanonas 15, Vradetto 22 and Kapesovo 30.
  • In the Municipality of Zitsa and the Municipal Unit of Ekali, Batatades has only nine inhabitants, in the Municipal Unit of Evrymenon the Kokkinochoma Community has 11 inhabitants, Raiko only eight, in the Municipal Unit of Molosson Granitsopoula has 29 inhabitants and Fotino 16.

In the Municipality of Konitsa and the Municipal Unit of Konitsa, Agia Varvara has 11 permanent residents, Amarandos 21, Gannadio 20, Exohi 24, Melissopetra 23, Molista 15, Monastiri five, Nikanoras 25 and Pyrgos 27. Municipal Unit of Mastorochori Asimochori has 16 inhabitants, Plagia 30 and Hionades 20.

In the Municipality of Pogoni and in the Municipal Unit of Kalpaki, Mavrovuni has only 19 permanent residents, in the Municipal Unit of Ano Pogoni Kakolakkos has ten residents, in the Municipal Unit of Delvinaki Argyrohori has ten residents, Pontikates 27 and Farangi 12.

In the Municipality of Arta and the Municipal Unit of Xirovouni, the village of Faneromeni is the one with the fewest inhabitants as it is only 21.

In the Municipality of Georgiou Karaiskakis, although mountainous, there are no villages with a double-digit number of inhabitants, while in the Municipality of Central Tzoumerka, no village has less than fifty inhabitants.

The population is also maintained in three-digit numbers in most villages of the Municipality of Nikolaos Skoufas.

In the Municipality of Igoumenitsa and the Municipal Unit of Igoumenitsa, Kryovrysi appears with only one permanent resident, while in the Municipal Unit of Parapotamos Geroplatanos has 29 residents and Drimitsa 14.

In the Municipality of Souli and the Municipal Unit of Paramythia, Agia Kyriaki has 17 inhabitants, Elataria only four and Saloniki 20.

No permanent residents the village of Anavryto appears in the Municipal Unit of Filiaton of the Municipality of Filiaton. In the same municipal unit, the Vavouri Community has 15 inhabitants, Gardiki 28, Kerasochori 29, Kefalochori 26, Kouremadi has eight inhabitants, Kryoneri 11, Lista 22 inhabitants, Milea 10, Palabas 16, Platanos seven , Faneromeni with 19 and Haravgi with 26.

In the Municipality of Preveza, in the Municipal Unit of Louros, Trikastro is the village with only 11 permanent residents.

In the Municipality of Parga, in the Municipal Unit of Fanari, Ano Skafidoti has six permanent residents and Koryfoula 30.

There are no villages with such a low population recorded in the Municipality of Zirou.