With a special chartered Lifeline civil flight, he arrived in Greece intubated wounded Greek from Sudan.

In an earlier update, it was mentioned that his son, around 16-17 years old, also boarded the plane.

The man, who was wounded by a rocket outside the Holy Church of the Annunciation in Khartoum, is among the Greeks who escaped with the help of French special forces, and his condition was such that he was not allowed to transfer of with the C-27J of the Air Force that arrived at the 112th Fighter Wing earlier.

His first surgery was carried out at a French military hospital in Djibouti and doctors say he will have another surgery within 48 hours. The injured was picked up by an ambulance of the Armed Forces, and transferred to the 401 Military Hospital for treatment and the operation that needs to be done.

A senior diplomatic source who spoke to ERT explained how 17 Greeks have come today. It is noted that seven people, Greeks and members of their families, arrived earlier today, on a Dutch aircraft flight, in Aqaba, Jordan, according to a statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

It is recalled that seven more had arrived in Aqaba in the early hours of the morning in the same way.

A total of 43 are outside Sudan and by noon it will be 53. Another 80 Greeks remain in Khartoum.

“The process and actions for the release of our compatriots and their family members from Sudan continue in close coordination with our EU partners and allies”the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reports.


It is noted that the C-27 that left to replace the one that arrived in the morning is being refueled at Awan in Egypt and will fly to Djibouti. From there he will pick up Romanians and those Greeks who wish to board the plane themselves and arrive in Greece.

The plan is to take off from there and back to Egypt, refuel and fly to Jordan. In Aqaba, the Greeks who traveled by Dutch aircraft and are waiting there for their repatriation will be omitted. From Aqaba the aircraft will arrive in Greece on Wednesday.

In continuous cooperation with friendly and allied countries for means of liberation

At the same time, the operation to remove the Greeks of Sudan remains in full progress, with the diplomatic authorities making their own race to include Greeks in the aircraft of the allied countries arriving at the air base 22 km outside Khartoum.

They were welcomed by the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, responsible for Hellenism Abroad, Andreas Katsaniotis, stressing his great joy and that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has taken all the “necessary actions to ensure their safe exit from Sudan”.

“We will do whatever is necessary for all Greeks from Sudan to return safely to our homeland,” he added.

The intubated injured Greek arrived from Sudan – The plan to remove Greeks is in full swing
For his part, the head of the Greek Armed Forces, General Konstantinos Floros, said that the operation to remove Greeks from Sudan “is an operation that has been planned in detail and is ongoing”. As he noted, “in full cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Greek government”, the Greek Armed Forces will contribute “in the manner requested of them to the release of Greek citizens from Sudan”.

In addition to the C-27 that arrived today in Elefsina, the GEETHA chief emphasized that “there are other vehicles in the area, which are ready to undertake operations and activities to bring people back.” “We are in cooperation with friendly and allied countries in order to facilitate the release of Greeks from Sudan and through other countries,” he added.

The head of GEETHA pointed out that “the two wounded are already heading to the 401 General Military Hospital, where their relatives will be accommodated for the required period of time”.

Source ERT, APE-BE