The April rains bring an “onslaught” of mosquitoes in areas of Central Macedonia, where the coming period of time will see a significant rise in temperature. According to data from meteorological stations, the levels of rain this month were at higher levels compared to the corresponding months of previous years. However, this fact and the expected increase in mosquito nuisance do not worry experts as these are not mosquitoes that are responsible for the spread of infectious diseases such as malaria and West Nile virus.

According to what Spyros Mourelatos, head of the “Eco-development” company, which participates in the mosquito control programs in the Central Macedonia Region, reported to APE-MPE, it is not usual to record such high levels of rain in the month of April. However, ground spraying has started since the beginning of the month on 160,000 acres covering the 16 wetland systems of Central Macedonia (which include -among others- Perea, Angelochori, Kalochori, Agios Mamas, lakes Volvi and Agios Vassiliou, the estuary of Aliakmonas, lake Kerkini, etc.) . At the same time, spraying is done with the help of drones in places that cannot be reached by ground crews.

“Throughout the Region the situation is adequately controlled as thanks to the three-year duration of the fighting programs, we are constantly on the alert” he commented. As far as the West Nile virus is concerned, he informed that at the moment the traps are being placed to catch the flourishing mosquitoes and from the checks and identifications that will be made in collaboration with the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, an initial forecast from June.

On May 1, at the same time, it starts the operation of the prediction model and the Mosquito Vision mobile phone application, through which the citizens of Central Macedonia can be informed for free about the forecast of mosquito nuisance in the evening hours in certain areas.

In any case, the authorities responsible for the fight against mosquitoes remind the importance of citizens taking preventive measures so that mosquito breeding grounds are not created in gardens, terraces or balconies or in general in residential areas.