An 18-year-old was injured when he fell on the part of a tree, in a field, in Souroti, Thessaloniki, at noon on Monday.

According to the first information – under what circumstances – part of the tree fell and injured the 18-year-old on the left side of his trunk, without flattening him and without needing the intervention of the Fire Service, as there was no entrapment.

An EKAB ambulance was immediately called to the scene, whose rescuers provided First Aid to the 18-year-old and then transported him to the Hippocrates hospital.

There is so far no further information on the condition of the 18-year-old’s health, which, however, is estimated to be out of danger.

The circumstances under which the incident took place, shortly after 12 noon on Monday, remain unknown until now. The first information states that there was no football match taking place at the local stadium at the time of the accident and the 18-year-old was there, due to today’s May Day holiday.

EL.AS is conducting an investigation into the exact causes of the accident.