By Makis Synodinos

The investigations of the authorities in the case of the cold-blooded murder of the journalist are in full progress Giorgos Karaivaz in April 2021, in Alimos.

The two arrests of the 40-year-old and the 48-year-old, who are allegedly involved in the murder, are only the beginning, support high-ranking officials of ELAS, who are racing to collect evidence and bring to justice the moral perpetrator, that is, the man who gave the order to execute the death contract.

Three more suspects named in the case file, one of whom is in prison, appear so far to piece together the puzzle of the group that signed and executed the journalist.

Her cops THE GREEK POLICEwho have dealt with cases of extortion, mafia and godfathers of the night, speculated – from the first moment – that one of the two arrested was the executioner of Giorgos Karaivaz.

The two arrested, who will cross the threshold of the investigator on Wednesday to apologize, will declare their innocence, while they will argue that they have nothing to do with the execution of the journalist.

However, the evidence mentioned in the case file against them is numerous and the police officers of the extortion and security department are sure that they have “tied up” the case.

In fact, according to police sources, the date of death for Giorgos Karaivaz had been set up the day before murder, but something “broke” and they left. So on April 9 – the day of the murder – they had taken their seats about 1 hour earlier than the expected arrival of Giorgos Karaivaz at his house, so that they would be sure that they would achieve their goal and therefore fulfill the death contract.

The fact that two days in a row the Beverly motorcycle, which was the rider of the executioner, and the white van driven by his accomplice, were in the area a few meters away from the journalist’s house, is what “burned” them.

The investigations of the authorities are continuing in order to establish whether the two brothers who were arrested have also participated in other mafia executions.

Already the arrested, who are old acquaintances of the authorities, in addition to the murder of Giorgos Karaivaz, are allegedly involved in the murder of a boxer, while security is gathering evidence to establish whether and to what extent they participated in two more murders in Vrilissia and Gerakas.