For dangerous driving, in its felony form, a 20-year-old two-wheeler driver is being prosecutedwho, last August, dragged and fatally wounded a 27-year-old kindergarten teacher. The unfortunate woman was on foot returning from her wedding bachelorette party that was scheduled just 24 hours later.

The entrainment took place in front of the “Genesis” Cancer Hospital of Thessaloniki, with the unfortunate woman succumbing to her injuries, after a few days of hospitalization, despite the doctors’ efforts to keep her alive.

The accused driver reportedly left the scene of the pull-over momentarily, but later returned, at which point he was arrested as part of the traffic stop.

As it became known, he was initially charged with negligent homicide (misdemeanor), but the district attorney upgraded the criminal prosecution against him to dangerous driving resulting in death (felony). For informationthe prosecution relied on the testimony of a distributor who testified that he saw the two-wheeler making dangerous maneuvers on the roadway.

For false and unsubstantiated testimony the 20-year-old allegedly said during his apology to the Thessaloniki investigator a few days ago.

With the consent of the prosecutor, it was decided to release him on the condition that he give twice a month “present” at the police station of his place of residence.